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About us

Ener.Je is a Jersey based independent energy management company, we work with all types of businesses large and small. We identify and deliver energy efficiency solutions that give businesses sustainable energy savings. Our belief is that the solutions we implement should have measurable results, excellent bottom line benefits and directly result in reductions of both carbon footprint and harmful emissions.

We will never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, instead we pride ourselves on the measured approach we take, and prescribing an effective solution that is tailor-made to address the individual issues of each client.

We offer end to end energy management solutions encompassing the sourcing of energy supplies, auditing and surveying, and the provision of engineered energy reduction solutions.

As an independent service provider we can always offer the most appropriate technological solution for each individual client, no matter what the size of the site or the breadth of requirements.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have succesfully helped many businesses to reduce their overall spend on energy, as well as reducing carbon emmissions.

Examples of businesses we have worked with include: 

  • Hotels [large and small]
  • Offices [law firms, insurance, banks, fund administration]
  • Retail outlets [high street outlet]
  • Garages and warehouses
  • Agricutural units [farm energy work to comply with supplier based protocols]
  • Horticultural units [farm energy work to comply with supplier based protocols]
  • Homes
  • Government [Energy Efficiency Service - Environment Department]

What we do

Intentions to cut costs and reduce environmental impact of energy usage often remain just that - intentions. This is because few companies have the in-house expertise and resources to turn intentions into effective action.

It is also hard to know where to start when faced with the daunting multitude of disconnected products and services on offer. This can result in time and budget conflicts and fails to maximise on the savings potential. will provide a tailor-made solution which will help you to reduce your energy demand and to cut your energy costs – usually by up to two thirds of your total energy bill.

We’ll also advise you on the most cost effective options for renewing ageing equipment and infrastructure.

What’s the next step?

  • Contact us to arrange an initial assessment which will consist of:
  • Analysis of your ‘energy chain’ including supply audit.
  • High level energy survey of your buildings and systems.
  • Provision of findings report and recommendations.

Where do we start

Any successful energy management programme must start with an audit; measuring existing usage to enable us to build a ‘before and after’ profile.

We offer a number of services to achieve this which may include:

Meter installations

If required we can provide comprehensive metering installation programmes for all utilities including:

  • Half hour electricity meters
  • Non half hour electricity meters
  • Approved gas meters
  • Water logging meters

Monitoring and targeting

By using the data platform created by metering structures we can provide comprehensive monitoring and targeting, in either manual or electronic form. We are able to instantly recognise any extraordinary occurrences in demand side energy profiles and provide immediate remedial action.

  • usage of reduction technologies, for example; power factor correction, voltage power optimisation, energy efficient lighting and controls, infrared heating, oil and gas burner optimisation, motor energy controllers, water flow controls and building management systems.

  • reuse of all suitable resources. (e.g rain / grey water harvesting, renewable energy solutions such as wind / solar thermal / biomass and solar PV)

  • staff awareness programs, invoking co-operation and commitment to energy saving


EMS - Powerstar® can reduce your energy costs by up to 26%. It accurately controls the incoming voltage to maximise energy savings without compromising the supply.

States of Jersey - Eco Active scheme for sound information regarding all kinds of environmental issues, including waste, water, energy, bio-diversity and transport.

Stewart King Environmental Engineers Ltd Industrial and commercial energy consultant providing energy saving products and services. Stewart provided with supplementary training in commercial / industrial energy surveying practice - he is accredited to provide Carbon Trust assistance at both opportunities identification and solutions development level.

Mark Le Lay Engineering - an innovative business established in Jersey to provide design, installation and maintenance services of renewable energy systems such as biomass heating, photovoltaic (PV) and wind.

Green Energy Living A local company supplying and installing far infrared (FIR) heaters from Redwell Manufaktur GMBH.

Sabien Technology Specialise in providing proven and commercially viable technology to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage for private and public organisations.

Pellet heating systems from ÖkoFEN ÖkoFEN is a specialist in pellet boilers and one of the leading suppliers of different solutions for various application areas based on renewable energy sources. From economical and convenient pellet heating systems through to space-saving pellet tanks. Whether it be for family homes, municipalities or industry, you’ve found the right address for everything to do with heating with wood pellets!

Braun Windturbinen As worldwide-working company alongside national and international distribution partners aim at setting new benchmarks in the branch of small wind machines through ANTARIS windturbines.

Heatsavr enables any swimming pool to reap the unquestionable energy saving benefits of a pool cover without any of the aesthetic or practical disadvantages.

Constellation Lighting One of the longest standing LED lighting design, supply and manufacturing companies in Europe, having served industrial, commercial, public sector and military clients across the whole of the UK, Europe and the Middle East for almost 15 years.

News & Events

We are currently undergoing training and assessment in Non-Domestic Energy Assessor course which will enable us to produce energy performance certificates (EPC) In 2023 the government will start to release details around the requirements for non-commerical properties to undertake these. Contact us now if you wish further information.

Do you own a small retail or trade outlet, cafe or restaurant, hotel or guesthouse, workshop or office? If so we can help save you money.

Ener.Je is pleased to announce a new small business service, applicable for all types of business

We identify and make recommendations on key energy issues and cost savings.

Call Mark on 873957 for more information.

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